14th January – Day of Defenders of Motherland in Uzbekisatn

This holiday id devoted to army forces in Uzbekistan. It is a professional holiday of military men because on 14th January 1992 Army forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan were established with the decree about all the educational places(military) and military unions were transferred to the jurisdiction of Uzbekistan declared by country parliament. In this way individual arming forces were established. On 29th of December in 1993, 14th of January was proclaimed as motherland defenders’ day.

8th march- international women’s day

Also know as mothers’ day, 8th march International women’s day is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan as the holiday of love, kindness and mercy.

21st march –Navruz

The word “Navruz” was taken from Persian and means new day, it si celebrated on the 21st of march and considered as the beginning of new year too. Daytime and night become equal on that day both for 12 hours. As soon as navruz comes many Uzbek families begin cooking sumalak, khalim, kuksomsa and palov. As spring spends much energy of a person we need this type of useful and rich of vitamin food. After we had got independence many customs of our nation reborn including Navruz too. This holiday is a holiday of friendship and unity which currently is celebrated in the square of Alisher Navoi.

9th May- Memorial day

Since 9th may in1999 when in Tashkent the square of remembrance was opened Memorial day is celebrated yearly on that day. This holiday is devoted to those who fought for independence, liberty and peace of our nation and even gave their lives in ushering people towards freedom. Moreover, in that day we remember fighters against fascism, legendary warriors such as Tumaris, Shirokh, Spitamen, Jaloliddin Manguberdi, najmiddin Kubro, Namaz-Batir, national heroes and poets like Kodiri, Bexbudi, Munavvar kori, Cholpon, Avloni, Fitrat, Usmon Nosir. Humanity does never forget people who presented us liberty sacrificing own lives, not everyone dares to do it!

 1st September- Independence day

One of the most important holidays of Uzbekistan is Independence day which is celebrated widely and in a triumphal spirit. It displays, friendship, mercy and respect between uzbek people. No matter what nation, religion, race and origin all citizens living in Uzbekistan celebrate this holiday.

1st October- Teachers’ Day

Every year teachers’, supervisors’ day is solemnly celebrated in Uzbekistan. Great respect and appreciation towards teacher are still kept since past times. The words “Domla”, “Muallim” or “ Ustoz” not only means a person who teaches children but also symbolizes admiration and kindness. While teaching subjects and scientific knowledge teachers serve as a  flashlight in every and each child’s life too, because the first imaginations about world and humanity also are taught by these holy people.  On 1st of October pupils congratulate their teachers with flower and lovely words wishing them patience and health in their difficult job.

8th December-Constitution day

The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was declared on 8th December in 1992 by Parliament. This holiday is celebrated quite widely.

“Eid Al Fitr” and Eid Al Adxa which is celebrated after Khadj are also considered to be a national holiday but their celebration days are changed according to Khijriy calendar.

Khayit Ramadan ( Eid Al-Fitr)

This holiday is known as “Fast Keeping Khayit” and celebrated in 9th month of “Khijriy Calendar”. The holiday is celebrated and during it people get cleaned both spiritually and biologically by avoiding eating any kind of food and water from sunrise to senset, thinking evil, being respectable kind for the people around. After three days when these are completed Ramadan Khayit” starts. The 1st day of it is day off.

Eid Al Adxa( Eid Khait)

One of the most important holidays celebrated by Muslim is Eid Khayit which is related to the legend about prophet Ibrokhim who was ready to sacrifice his son for God’s sake but was stopped by the God by giving an animal( sheep, camel or something else) instead of the boy to sacrifice. The holiday continues for 3 days and the Muslim usually spend time with their families and friends. On these days people visit their relatives and try to help for poor people. The first day of Khayit is day off.