International contracts and memorandums

Memorandum between Songnam city of Korean Republic and Namangan city of the Republic of Uzbeksitan.

In order to award mutual communication, understanding and developing economical coordinations, basing on equality and mutual interests, two so called sides Namangan and Songnam planning to improve a long term scientific-technical and cultural relations agreed the following:

1 point

In order to develop both cities, they agreed to exchange information. Sides set wide connections in economy, culture, medicine, tourism and scientific technologies.

2 point

The organizations of two cities will help each other to improve mutual business relations and to develop industry, communication, transportation, outer trade for long term.

3 point

They agreed to organize trade exhibitions on new technologies in order to develop mutual economy and hasten it respectably.

4 point

The sides will regularly visit each other to exchange experience, ideas and strengthen friendship, as well as systematically organize meeting between companies, schools, institutions and other private corporations.

5 point

According to both sides agreement, if needed changes and supplementary parts can be added to written protocol that is undivided part of memorandum.

6 point

This memorandum is considered to be valid for five years as soon as it is signed. If one of the sides don’t inform about cancellation of it before 6 months in written form it automatically will be prolonged for the next 5 years.

The cancellation of the memorandum doesn’t effect on started but unfinished projects during its validity.

The texts of memorandum were written in Uzbek, English and Korean languages, and in all languages the validity of contract is the same.

English variant is used for both sides.




Korean Republic                                                 Uzbekistan Republic

The mayor of Songnam city                               The mayor of Namangan city