Cultural and recreational park  Z. M. Bobur.

The park which currently popular as  park Z. M. Bobur established in 1884 was called as park A. S. Pushkin until 1990. Based on the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov’s visit to Namangan and his 1170th decree signed in 2009 the park was submitted to the state program and in the same year in October reconstruction took steps. Four billion eight hundred million sums were  devoted to the park and three billion three thousand sums were granted for building, installing and flourishing work. Consequently, at present  6 chayxana and cafes, 9 ice cream cafeterias, chess- droughts club, 27 modern attractions and other entertaining objects serve for guests. There is a 400 viewer amphitheatre and a concert stage now. There are 24,5 staffs, 4 of them are managers, 2 technicians, 3 gardeners,1 electrician mechanic, 4 housekeepers, 1 is responsible for irrigation ditch and others do different jobs too. The is totally affords its expenses. Although the planned profit for 2011 was  95007 million sums it outdid the plan with profit 96000 million sums.